Craigslist Movers or iMovers?

If you have a move coming up, you may be unsure where you should find your movers either Craigslist Movers or iMovers?

Finding Trusted Movers

There are plenty of ads for movers out there, but it’s important that you find people you can trust with all your possessions. You don’t want items getting lost or damaged in transit.

Popular Classified Movers Ads

Our referral service is one way that you can find reputable professional movers in only a few minutes, and it doesn’t cost you anything to use.

Picking The Best Option

Another option is looking for Craigslist movers, and considering how popular the classifieds site is, it’s natural to wonder which is the better option.

Advantages of Going with iMovers Over Craigslist Movers

There are many potential drawbacks when you hire Craigslist movers. Here is why you should stick with iMovers for your moving needs.

They Have the Right Licenses and Insurance

When you find a mover in our national directory, you’re assured of several things. The movers will be professional, they’ll have all the required licensing to operate in the area of your move and they’ll have the proper insurance.

When you hire Craigslist movers, you’re not assured of any of that.

Small Movers On Craigslist

There may be a professional moving company advertising on Craigslist, but it could also just be a few guys with a truck who have no licenses and no insurance.

Movers are supposed to have licenses, and there are different licenses required depending on if the mover handles long-distance moves across state lines or only moves within the state.

Know That You Mover Is Insured

When you decide between Craigslist Movers or iMovers know that Movers also need insurance, and if that moving company you hire off Craigslist doesn’t have insurance, all your belongings are at risk.

What To Do When Something Gets Damaged

If anything gets damaged when you hire an insured moving company, you or the company can simply file a claim with their insurance.

They Can Handle Any Job You Have

As mentioned, there are different licensing requirements for long-distance movers. If you have a long-distance move, you need to tailor your search for that.

Using iMovers Referral Service

With our referral service, you can look exclusively for moving companies who handle long-distance moves to avoid wasting valuable time.

Craigslist Movers or iMovers For Long Distance Moves

With Craigslist movers, you could have a harder time finding the ones that are willing and able to do long-distance moves.

Licensing Issues

Ignoring any potential licensing issues, many of the long distance movers advertising on Craigslist could only want to do moves within a certain geographic area. This happens more often with the small moving companies that are more likely to advertise on Craigslist in the first place.

The Site Is Easier to Use

We designed our national online moving directory with ease of use in mind.

How Craigslist Works

Craigslist has a simple interface, but it works better for some types of ads than for others.

When you’re looking for Craigslist movers, you’ll need to click on every moving company’s ad if you want to be thorough. You can’t rely solely on what’s in the headline, because not every mover will include the same information there.

Getting Quotes Is a Breeze

Price may not be the only factor you use in deciding which moving company to go with, but it will be very important.

Craigslist Movers or iMovers

Craigslist Movers or iMovers Reviews

When you’re looking for Craigslist movers, you’ll need to hope that they’ve included their price in the ad, otherwise you’ll need to call them.

Low Price Movers

Some movers may have low prices listed to draw in customers, get a binding contract.

Getting the Best Moving Company

This isn’t to say that Craigslist movers are all bad. But the reality is that you want to hire local movers you can trust to do the job correctly.

It’s free to post a Craigslist ad, and anyone can do it

This means that anyone could post an ad declaring themselves a mover in your area.

Sure, they may undercut every other company’s prices, but you’d be paying for a moving company without any experience.

Doing The Research

You may find a professional moving company with all the necessary licensing on Craigslist, but you’ll need to research every one you find to make sure.

Know Your Moving Company

It’s much easier and faster to just use iMovers, all the moving companies listed have the right qualifications.